• 3 Layer Portable Noise Barrier Acoustical Blankets

    3 Layer Portable Noise Barrier Acoustical Blankets

    What Would You Rather Do: Buy Acoustic Fencing Locally and Spend a Fortune or Import From Us and Save as Much as You Could

    The 3 layer acoustic fencing is an alternative acoustic solution for exterior noise reduction. Usually we recommend to use our 4 layer noise barrier, but if you have lower requirements regarding acoustic performance or have a lower budget. You can choose our 3 layers acoustic barrier fence.

    The difference is obvious, 3 vs. 4 layer. The 4th layer is sound insulation felt(mass loaded vinyl) which is quite heavy and important for acoustic performance. 4 layer sound barrier can block up to 27dB, while 3 layer acoustic fencing can only block about 15dB. 3 layer sound proof fencing is lightweight compared to 4 layer noise barrier fencing.