• Camouflage Silicon Canvas Tarp For Trailer Cover

    Camouflage Silicon Canvas Tarp For Trailer Cover

    From time to time, professionals prefer canvas waterproof tarps for a more sensitive loads necessitating special care. LTCANOPY has Canvas Tarps – Waterproof Tarps that are breathable, and constructed with canvas material, providing two to three times the strength of typical canvas material. Because these Heavy-Duty Tarps are composed of 100 percent silicone-coated polyester, they offer industrial strength, superior breath-ability, and greater tensile durability than the conventional tarp material. The preferred construction of these yellow-green Tarps made CHINA makes them resistant to tears, abrasions, mildew, and rot. Double-lock-stitched and double-folded seams and hems are sewn with industrial polyester thread, and fabric-reinforced brass grommets in corners spaced approximately 1 meter around the perimeter provide the durability and toughness demanded of professional-grade canvas tarps. The superior manufacturing technique of these full finished size tarps include features such as total resistance to abrasions and damaging tears, making them an excellent value and a top choice for your budget. Tarps are available in a variety of sizes and are made to the exact size. These Tarps are breathable and are entirely waterproof; however, the stitching on the seams might allow a small amount of moisture to penetrate the material if water pools over these areas.