Transparent Water Storage Bladder

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Our LTCANOPY flexible water storage bladders, often referred to as layflat or pillow tanks, have been developed to be suitable for all climates, including the harshest emergency aid conditions.

They are suited for economic water storage and for heavy duty multi-site storage applications or water transportation.

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LTCANOPY Bladder Tanks (also commonly referred to as Pillow Tanks) range in size all can customized and are the perfect answer to all your liquid storage, transportation, and containment needs, including potable drinking water storage.


LTCANOPY Bladder Tanks are widely used in the following industries: agricultural, industrial, commercial, marine, energy, and military.

LTCANOPY can manufacture custom Bladder or Pillow Tanks to meet your requirements and specifications. We can build them taller, shorter, wider, or longer with virtually any fitting and valve configuration required.


All LTCANOPY Bladder Tanks are air pressure tested before shipping and are easy to handle and fold down for compact, easy storage.


Capacity(litres) Layflat Size(metres) GR/Sheet Size(metres) Tank Size Filled(M)(APPROX.)
1,000  1.50*2.60 2.50*4.00 1.00*2.10*0.50H
2,000  2.30*2.60 3.50*4.00 1.70*2.00*0.60H
3,000  3.10*2.60 4.00*4.00 2.50*2.00*0.60H
5,000  4.50*2.60 5.50*4.00 3.80*1.90*0.70H
10,000  3.40*5.20 4.50*6.00 2.40*4.20*1.00H
15,000  4.50*5.20 5.50*6.00 3.40*4.10*1.10H
20,000  5.40*5.20 6.00*6.00 4.20*4.00*1.20H
30,000  7.20*5.20 8.50*6.00 5.90*3.90*1.30H
40,000  7.20*6.55 8.50*7.50 5.90*5.25*1.30H
50,000  8.30*6.50 9.30*7.50 6.80*5.00*1.50H
60,000  8.40*7.35 10.00*8.35 6.90*5.35*1.50H
80,000  9.20*7.35 10.00*8.35 7.70*5.35*1.50H
100,000  10.40*9.10 11.50*10.00 8.90*7.60*1.50H

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